The Spontanes are:

Julia Goodwin - the lead vocalist and lyricist
Tim Hadden - the drummer
Eric Humpert - the guitarist
Ariana Patterson - the bassist & backing vocalist
Joe Procopio - the guitarist

Read what the press have said about us, and check out our Pop Quiz interview at WashingtonCityPaper.com from May 28, 1999.

The Spontanes formed in Washington D.C. in the spring of 1997 when ex-members of Dayton, Ohio's Sylvania Plath found themselves reunited in D.C. After a month of songwriting, the Spontanes recorded their eponymous debut e.p. featuring the songs: "Twilight," "Catherine," "Mardi Gras," and "Pookeybutt." For the remainder of the year, the band polished their live show by performing several times a month in the D.C.-Baltimore area. The Spontanes have written 40 or so original songs and have compiled a mailing list of about 200 names.

The band's sound features the lilting vocals of Julia Goodwin over the dissonant, yet pop-driven guitar interplay of Eric Humpert and Joe Procopio. The vocals and guitars sometimes stray into dreamy, unusual patterns, with the band occasionally being compared to a slew other artists, including Velocity Girl, Bettie Serveert, Sonic Youth, The Buzzcocks, the Spinanes, and Yo La Tengo (try getting your head around that).

In May 1998 the band entered Inner Ear Studio in Arlington, Virginia with ex-Jawbox bandleader J. Robbins to record their second e.p., Fetching. The recording features the songs, "Green," "Now," "Northwest," and "Everything," which showcase the band's broad range of material. In August of 1998, The Spontanes embarked upon a Midwest tour in support of Fetching.

Winter 1998 found the band playing to larger and larger crowds in their hometown, and writing new songs. In early 1999, The Spontanes performed to sold-out rooms at the Black Cat Pop Scene showcase with Anne Summers and at Iota in Arlington with Magnet. The Spontanes took some time off starting in late 1999, but swung back into action in early 2001 with a batch of new tunes and a new drummer, Tim Hadden. Hadden has proven to be a natural fit with The Spontanes, both personally and musically, bringing out some dormant pop possibilities in the Spontanes' sound. The band is booking shows in the D.C. area and plans to enter the studio to record a full-length album.


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