The good-lookin', fast-livin' Spontanes Gang were spotted at the Velvet Lounge on Hallowe'en, October 31st, 1998, with Velvet Flush.

Julia, Mike, Joletta Mike "Babyface" Spontane: (center)
Specialties: Safe-cracking, Lockpicking, Demolitions
Wanted for: Armed Robbery, Grand Theft, Arson, Conspiracy
Notes: Despite his evident charm and good looks, Mike Spontane should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. "Babyface" started his explosives training with the U.S. Special Forces and finished it at unspecified terrorist camps. A notoriously bad shot, he favors automatic rifles which require little finesse.
Julia and Joe

Julia "Killer" Spontane (left)
Specialty: Sharpshooting
Wanted for: Armed Robbery, Conspiracy, Murder, Aggravated Assault
Notes: At least as heartless as she is gorgeous, "Killer" Spontane is thought by many to be the cold-blooded mastermind behind many of the Spontanes Gang's most daring heists. An extraordinary markswoman, "Killer" made her reputation dropping bank guards in their tracks before alarms were sounded.

Joe "Da Wire" Spontane (right):
Specialties: Forgery, Electronics, Grand Theft, Computer Crime, Disguise
Wanted for: Armed Robbery, Grand Theft, Conspiracy, Fraud, Tax Evasion
Notes: A master of disguise, sauve, debonair Joe Spontane has played "inside man" on many of the Spontanes Gang's jobs, working for unsuspecting banks, shipping agencies, and electronics firms for weeks or even months gathering information. An accomplished car thief from the age of twelve, "Da Wire" earned his name boosting cars on the lower east side. He still frequently "arranges" the getaway vehicle.

Eric, Joletta

Eric "Spider" Spontane (left)
Specialty: Smuggling
Wanted for: Racketeering, Conspiracy, Murder
Notes: The deceptively quiet and cultured "Spider" Spontane (also known, for obvious reasons, as "Handsome Eric") parlayed a penny-ante drug-pushing career into a key role in the Spontanes Gang with astonishing ruthlessness. He spins webs of intrigue which inspire his enemies to destroy each other.

Joletta "The Blade" Spontane (right)
Specialties: Unarmed Combat, Edged Weapons, Small Arms, Assassination
Wanted for: Conspiracy, Murder, Aggravated Assault
Notes: The CIA hotly denies the persistent rumors that foxy and deadly Joletta Spontane is an ex-agent, and that she occasionally still tackles jobs too difficult or dangerous for the Agency to handle. The CIA further denies secret "deals" with the Spontanes which might explain the inability of police authorities or the the FBI to put a stop to the Spontanes' reign of terror.

Julia, Joe In this shot, Joe Spontane may be drawing a weapon concealed under his jacket. These four exposures were found on a blood-stained and badly damaged camera, near the Velvet Lounge, a well-known crimelord hangout. The remainder of the film was unexposed. Nothing whatsoever is known of the photographer.


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